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A cosy room with eye foir detail, sustainability and history is a guarantee at Mother Goose.

What will you choose?
From romantic hues of white to mysteriously black, every mood is catered to by Mother Goose's rooms, beautifully decorated by Morph Design.
White Floor | Mother Goose Hotel Grey Floor | Mother Goose Hotel

Brown Floor | Mother Goose Hotel Black Floor | Mother Goose Hotel

The following features are included in all rooms:

Small Mother Goose room
This is one of our favourite rooms. Smaller in size, but equipped with all conveniences. These rooms include many ancient and characteristic elements, such as old cabinets and wooden steps. Romantic when you are staying the night with your loved one, but also very pleasant when you are on a business trip.

Small Mother Goose room | Mother Goose Hotel

Medium Mother Goose
These comfortable, spacious rooms, are all truly unique and have their own identity. Perfect for guests who prefer a bit more space than Small Mother Goose has to offer. It goes without saying of course, that the Medium Mother Goose rooms also include everything you might need for an enjoyable stay.

Medium Mother Goose | Mother Goose Hotel

Large Mother Goose
The Large Mother Goose is a very spacious room which is perfect for people who like a bit of space or for those planning a longer stay. Or perhaps you are travelling with a small child. In that case, Mother Goose will be more than happy to provide you with a free cot. Of course, Large Mother Goose rooms are unique too. Some have a mantelpiece, others have medieval walls or offer a fantastic view of the beautiful city centre of Utrecht (from a rocking chair!).

Large Mother Goose | Mother Goose Hotel

Mother Goose Suites
The showpieces of Mother Goose! The suites are situated on various floors and are our statement rooms. We have thought of every little detail, so Mother Goose suites have all that you might need. Only a stay in one of our suites tells you the whole story!

Mother Goose Suites | Mother Goose Hotel