UVH Terms and Conditions

The Uniform Conditions for the Hotel and Catering Industry (UVH) are the terms and conditions on which catering establishments based and operating in the Netherlands, such as hotels, restaurants, bars and related businesses (including catering firms, party service firms, etc.), provide catering services and enter into catering agreements. The UVH are registered with the District Court and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in The Hague. Click here to view the UVH terms and conditions. 

Mother Goose is a cashless hotel, you can pay with either debit or credit card. We do not accept cash payments. In case of a non-refundable booking your creditcard will be charged immediately. When staying at Mother Goose you’re required to pay a €100 deposit at check-in. The deposit is used a guarantee for any extra costs made during your stay or non or insufficient compliance with our house rules. If there are no extra costs made during your stay and house rules have not been violated your deposit will be refunded after check-out. No creditcard? Please get in touch!